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Nigdy Więcej and Opferperspektive (eds.): »Hate Crime Monitoring and Victim Assistance in Poland and Germany«




1 Hate Crimes in Poland and Germany

1.1 Latest Incidents and Developments

1.1.1. Germany

1.1.2 Poland

1.2 Concerns Raised by International Organizations

1.2.1 Lack of Comparable and Reliable Data

1.2.2 Legislation and Law Enforcement

1.2.3 Concerns Raised by European NGO-Networks and International Human Rights Organizations

1.3 National Programs in Response to Hate Crimes

1.3.1 Germany

1.3.2 Poland

1.4 Summary/Conclusions

2 The Legal Framework for Monitoring and Fighting Hate Crimes

2.1 Germany

2.1.1 Relevant Laws for the Prosecution of Hate Crimes

2.1.2 Options for Victim Support within the Legal System

2.2 Poland

2.2.1 Laws Relevant for the Prosecution of Hate Crimes

2.2.2 Options for Victim Support within the Legal System

2.2.3 Legal Aid and Compensation for Victims

2.3 Summary/Conclusions

3 Official Monitoring of Hate Crimes

3.1. Police Registration Systems and Relevant Official Data Sources

3.1.1 Germany Police Classification and Registration System Demands and Recommendations by Legal Experts and NGOs Official Data on Hate Crimes

3.1.2 Poland Official Data on Hate Crimes Concerns of Supranational Bodies and NGOs

3.2 Data on Legal Proceedings and Convictions

3.2.1 Germany

3.2.2 Poland

3.3 Parliamentary Inquiries


4 Activities of Non-governmental Organizations

4.1 NGOs in Poland

4.1.1 Research Design

4.1.2 Definitions and Perspectives on Hate Crimes Three Types of Operational Approaches to the Problem of Hate Crime Combating Hate Crimes as an Explicit Component of an Organization’s Agenda Hate Crime Replaced With Other Terms The Term Hate Crime Found Problematic, Avoided or Seen as a Relatively Insignificant Issue Possible Structural Causes for the Diversity of Perspectives

4.1.3 Monitoring of Hate Crimes by NGOs Individualized and Occasional Practices of In-community Monitoring Regular and Organized Monitoring Informal Local Monitoring and Public Intervention Campaigns Community-based Monitoring and Intervention Community-oriented Research/Victimization Surveys Comprehensive Nation-wide Hate Crime Monitoring

4.1.4 Reaching and Supporting Victims of Hate Crimes Occasional Assistance to Victims of Hate Crimes Attempts at Creating Systematic Forms of Victim Assistance

4.1.5 Interest in Monitoring and Victim Assistance/Demands and Resources for those Activities

4.1.6 Main Problems for NGO Monitoring of Hate Crimes and Victim Assistance

4.1.7 Experiences and expectations with regard to national and international cooperation

4.1.8 Types of NGOs and Their Approaches

4.1.9 Summary/Conclusions

4.2. NGOs in Germany

4.2.1 Research Design

4.2.2 Different Operational Definitions and Perspectives on Hate Crimes Hate Crime as an Explicit Part of Organizations’ Agenda Other Organizations without an Exclusive Focus on Hate Crimes

4.2.3 Monitoring of Hate Crimes by NGOs Victimization Surveys Documentation on Hate Crimes Based Mainly on Media Surveys Monitoring by Specialized Victim Support Organizations

4.2.4 Reaching and Supporting Victims of Hate Crime The CIVITAS Concept ReachOut/Ariba (Berlin) and LOBBI Hate Crime Victim Assistance under the Program Competent for Democracy Assistance to Victims of Homophobic Violence Anti-discrimination Offices Other Crime Victim Support Organizations

4.2.5 Types of NGOs and their Approaches

4.2.6 German-Polish Cooperation: Experiences and Interests

4.2.7 Summary/Conclusions

5 Recommendations