Right-wing violence

Almost every week, right-wing extremists attack individuals in Brandenburg. They primarily target people of colour, migrants, the homeless, people with special needs, as well as left-wing and alternative youth. While political and social institutions, including the media, are preoccupied with tackling the perpetrators’ social problems – a high unemployment rate, lack of youth centres, bad parenting – the lasting effect of an attack goes widely unnoticed. Victims are left to cope with their suffering and their fears on their own. Many feel threatened for a long time after a physical assault. The social majority’s indifference reinforces the perpetrators’ belief that they acted on behalf of the majority of the German population. Opferperspektive – literally: Victims’ Perspective – is an association that aims to support these victims and break the silence.

Victim counselling

We actively research and monitor right-wing crimes. When we find out about an attack, we make an effort to contact the victim. If you fall victim to right-wing violence, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can meet and counsel you at a location of your choice. We offer:

  • Legal advice.
  • Help in finding witnesses of the attack.
  • Assistance with applications to government agencies.
  • Support during a court case.
  • Psychological help if you are suffering from a crisis as a result of the attack.
  • Established contact to local support groups who can help you after the attack.

Networking and building local support

We network with and support local grassroot initiatives that act on behalf of victims of right-wing violence. What you can do to help victims:

  • Contact us when you hear about incidents of right-wing violence.
  • Tell the victim about our counselling offer.
  • Don’t walk out of the situation. Make a clear statement and testify.
  • Don’t leave the victim alone.
  • Help protect the victim from further attacks, e.g. with a telephone network. We will support you.
  • Think about what we can do locally to strengthen and encourage a non-discriminatory and democratic social life.

Monitoring and raising awareness

  • We raise public awareness on right-wing extremism and violence from the perspective of the victims.
  • We monitor violent right-wing crimes and their effects on the victims.
  • We organize informational campaigns that raise awareness in the community. These facilitate social resistance against right-wing intimidation and violence.