English Adresses

General Information and Counselling Centres for Victims of Crime

Here you will find information and counselling centres that are not specialized in supporting the victims of racist violence but refer to all victims of crime. They provide help and support for the victims and offer short-term therapies during psychological […]

Medical and Psychological Help for Refugees

Here you will find non-state organizations offering refugees psychological therapies and assistance in matters of health care free of charge. Note: The counsellors speak English! Please approach the information and counselling centres in English. Name: Behandlungszentrum für Folteropfer (BZFO) Addresse: […]

Anti-discrimination & Integration Commissioners (Integrationsbeauftragte)

Integration Commissioners (Integrationsbeauftragte) are generally employees of the state administration. In some places there are also honorary commissioners for integration. As a rule, the integration commissioners have no executive power. But they can advise the government or the administration regarding […]

Anti-Racist and Human Rights Organizations

Contact non-governmental anti-racist initiatives and human rights organizations. These organizations do not offer counselling to migrants and refugees. Instead they support their rights via press and public relations work, information sharing and educational campaigns. BERLIN Antirassistische Initiative e.V. The Antirassistische […]

Information Centres for Asylum Procedures

Here you can find the non-state organizations where you can get free of charge information regarding your asylum procedure or residency status. Note: The counsellors speak English! Please use English when you contact the information and counselling centres. If needed, […]

Information and Counsellor Centres for LGBT refugees

Here you can find contact and counselling services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersexed refugees who have sought protection in Berlin and Brandenburg. Name: LesMigraS Address: Kulmer Str. 20a 10783 Berlin Telephone: 030 – 21 91 50 90 Email: […]

Financial Aid & Compensation

Here you find the addresses regarding financial aid and compensation for the victims of right wing and racist violence. Please also read the brochure: Perspectives after a right wing or racist attack – your rights and opportunities as a victim, […]

Information and Counselling Centres for Victims of Right-Wing and Racist Violence in other Bundesländer (Federal States)

Information and Counselling Centres for Victims of Right-Wing and Racist Violence in other Bundesländer (Federal States) The information and counselling centres listed here are non-governmental, state-independent non-profit organizations which support the victims of racist and right-wing violence and work in […]