Opferperspektive (The Victim's Perspective)

Opferperspektive (The Victim’s Perspective) is a non-state, non-profit organization which works in Brandenburg to support the victims of racist violence and discrimination. It was founded in 1998 by anti-fascist activists to counteract the trivialization and concealment of right-wing extremism and racism in the society with practical solidarity action. Opferperspektive believes that each human being, regardless of his or her national, ethnic, religious, sexual orientation and ideological background, has the right to move without fear and take part in the society with equal rights.

Information and Counselling for the Victims of Racist Violence and Discrimination

The organisation advises and supports people who have been victims of racist violence and discrimination, their relatives and friends, as well as witnesses about their rights and opportunities. The counselling is voluntary, free of charge and confidential. This takes place at a location of your choice in Brandenburg. A police report is not required to receive support.
Right-wing and racist Violence
Racist Discrimination


Opferperspektive (The Victims’ Perspective) systematically records the cases of right wing and racist violence in the state of Brandenburg. It publishes regularly a chronology of the violent acts as well as statistics and analysis, and thus invites the broader society to critically deal with right-wing and racist violence.

Social Solidarity

Opferperspektive (The Victims’ Perspective) engenders social solidarity with the victims of racist violence and discrimination and shape widespread public opinion against racism and violence. It encourages citizens as well as institutions and the media to send a clear message against racism and for human rights. This also implies strengthening and supporting social groups which experience discrimination and violence as minorities.
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Perspectives after a right wing or racist attack – Your rights and opportunities as a victim, witness and relative
Addresses of other information and counselling centres and helpful organizations

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