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Opferperspektive helps those who have been harassed and beaten by right-wing extremists. With your donation, you help us help them.Racism and hatred are on the rise. This affects everyone who wants to live in an open society – because it puts this society at great risk. We take a stand.

We side with the victims of right-wing violence. Annually, 250 victims, their families and friends use our counseling services. Our mission is to support them and provide them with the best medical, psychological, legal and financial assistance available.

We raise awareness and stand up against right-extremism. On a daily basis, we research, analyse and publish right-wing hate crimes.

We truly know how important you are as a contributor. We were able to set up the first outreach center for victims of right-wing violence solely with donations and volunteer involvement.

With your donation, you will receive regular information about our work and how your donation is being used.

You can make either a one-time donation or regular contributions to help support victims of right-wing violence. If you want ensure that this work is sustainable, back Opferperspektive as a supporting member: this entails your political support and a contribution of 120 euros a year – or more.

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