Addresses of other information and counselling centres and helpful organizations

Information and Counselling Centres for Victims of Right-Wing and Racist Violence in other Bundesländer (Federal States)
Here you can find information about non-governmental information and counselling centres for victims of racist violence in other Bundesländer (federal states), with whom Opferperspektive (The Victims’ Perspective) works together. The counselling is voluntary, free and confidential. The websites of the counselling centres are available in several languages.

General Information and Counselling Centres for Victims of Crime
Here you can find information centres that are not specialized in helping the victims of racist violence, but refer to all victims of crime. They provide help and support for the victims and during psychological crises offer short-term therapies, which can be carried out – if necessary – with an interpreter. The websites are unfortunately only in German.

Information Centres for Asylum Procedures
Here you can find state-independent information centres, where you can get advice and ask questions about your asylum procedure free of charge.

Information and Counselling Centres for LGBTI Refugees
Here you can find information centrers for lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersexed refugees who have sought protection in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Medical and Psychological Assistance for Refugees
Here you can find non-governmental organizations offering free psychological therapies and assistance in matters of health care to the refugees.

Anti-Discrimination & Integration Commissioners
Here you can find the addresses of the Anti-Discrimination and Integration Commissioners of the municipalities, counties, the state of Brandenburg and the federal government. Integration Commissioners are employees in the state administration structures. They have no executive power. But they advise the government and the administration in the field of migration politics. Moreover, they are available to the citizens as a point of contact for questions concerning migration and integration. Integration Commissioners do not provide advice about asylum and right of residence. However, they are committed to the needs of individual migrants and refugees.

Financial Assistance & Compensation
Here you can find addresses regarding financial assistance and compensation for the victims of right-wing and racist violence. Please read the brochure: Perspectives after a right-wing or racists attack – your rights and options as a victim, witness or relative

Anti-Racist and Human Rights Organizations
Contact with non-governmental anti-racist initiatives and human rights organizations.