Flyer: Assistance for victims of right-wing violence


The information flyer from the Opferpersketive – counselling center for victims of right-wing violence is aimed at people who have been affected by right-wing violence themselves, as well as their relatives, friends and witnesses.

Right-wing violence can be a threat. Right-wing violence can be a physical attack. Right-wing violence can take place at school, at work, on the street, or on the internet. Your evaluation of the act is crucial.

Did you experience a right-wing attack? Do you ask yourself: why was everyone just watching? How can I move safely now? How can I protect myself without restricting myself? You can also talk to us if you are unsure whether you have experienced right-wing violence.

If you have the opportunity to draw the attention of those affected by right-wing violence or those potentially affected to the Opferperspektive, you are welcome to order, distribute and display the leaflet – even in large numbers.

The flyer as PDF